Artificial Intelligence based solutions for State and local government.

can artificial intelligence help to rethink public sector work?

For decades, artificial intelligence (AI) researchers have sought to enable computers to perform a wide range of tasks once thought to be reserved for humans. In recent years, the technology has moved from science fiction into real life: AI programs can play games, recognize faces and speech, learn, and make informed decisions.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is an essential embodiment of Artificial Intelligence. It deciphers and builds algorithms that allow computers to learn how to perform tasks from existing data. This reduces the workload of the programmer and enables him to focus on core tasks, rather than writing complex codes for the same. Machine Learning analyses previously available data and scans through millions of examples to come to a conclusion. With this intelligence, machines can understand complex patterns and predict outcomes to situations more accurately.

Partner with Robofied for Machine Learning Services

The scope of Machine Learning is infinite and when applied to existing business models it can dig up so much information which otherwise would seem impossible to extract and assimilate.

At Robofied, we use Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and Neural Networks that can replicate human decision making and allow real-time applications of Machine Learning.