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Course Description

Machine Learning with Python has been designed for provision of having string hold in creating Machine Learning Algorithms with the base of Python. This has been preferred as the best and robust platform for having Machine Learning Systems.

Insights of Machine Learning with Python

After course completion, a participant can get entitled with the below:

  • Strong knowledge on AI, Data Science and Machine Learning.¬†
  • ¬†Implementation and having strong holds on principles, algorithms and applications of Machine Learning through unique teaching approach.
  • Having depth knowledge of Machine Learning models with the base of mathematical and heuristic aspects of Machine Learning.
  • Comprehensive relation between theory and practical Machine Learning.
  • Problem solving ability for different real world scenarios on Machine Learning as we will be covering various real-time use cases and you need to accomplish 10 Machine Learning projects.

Benifits of Machine Learning Workshop

  • Identify different applications for machine learning based algorithms.
  • Performing supervised techniques such as linear and logistic regression.
  • Understanding on data classification models.
  • Development of robust machine learning models.
  • Top algorithms among many for given machine learning problem.
  • Create accurate predictions and powerful analysis.
  • Usage of unsupervised learning algorithms as clustering and segmentation.
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